Bobgoblin's Wonderful World Of Autotainment the movie


Bobgoblin takes his friends Wally and Norville to the future world where they are hosting a show called "Bobgoblin's Wonderful World Of Autotainment"

Sing a-longs and funny things

  1. Best Day Ever (sung by Spongebob)
  2. The Best Of Friends (sung by the PAW Patrol)
  3. Chess (short film)
  4. A Buddy Like You (sung by Wally and Norville)
  5. My Shiny Teeth And Me! (sung by Chip Skylark)
  6. Hermit Crab Singing Opera (brief film sung by Johnny the opera singer)
  7. Campfire Song Song (sung by Spongebob and Patrick)
  8. The Weekend (ending song sung by everyone)