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Wally: (reads the title card) BYE 


Wally: Oh hi, I am wally, and this is norville.

Norville: "Hey there!" (instead of a bark)

Wally: We are skiing in a coldsnap.

Norville: "Yep! And we have lots of audience!" (instead of a bark)

Wally: You are right. And all of the alphabet starts with the letter T. Like total, And tackle, and..... (laughs)

Norville: (tickles him)

Wally: Tickle.

Norville: "Oh yeah!" 

Orge Duge: Wally!

Wally: It is orge duge!

Orge Duge: I got some pies.

Wally: Pipes? Wow! The pipe will implod the city!

Orge Duge: Of course! And the pies with the pipes will still be the same without them.

Wally: Them? That's it!

Orge Duge: ...What is it?

Wally: Yes! Them! It starts!

Norville: "With...."

Wally and Norville: The letter T!

Wally: (jetpack appears) (wally figures out his ski while the coldsnap freezes too much like a blizzard) (casts a magic stick on Them) Them! (casts)

Orge Duge: Well, it suppose to be IT.

Wally: Wow! Look at all these pipes! (fixes the pipes) (eats the pie) Now let's go ski!

Orge Duge: Good luck!

Wally: Ready....... Steady....... Bye!!!!!

Orge Duge: Bye? (checks norville) Uh oh...

Wally: Weeeeee! (slides)

Norville: "Wally! A cliff!"

Wally: Tax! Please! Tax? Does tax start with the letter T? Yeah it is! (casts) Tax! (casts again)

Norville: "Wow! Cool! So awesome!"

Wally: Let's go!

Norville: "Ow!'

Wally: Slopes! Now we have to count em. Count with us!

Norville and Wally: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and.....

Norville: "NOT THAT."

Norville and Wally: Ten. 

Norville: "We did it!"

Wally: We don't get babies in races.

Norville: "I got the package."

Wally: A box?

Norville: "Open it and you will see without getting grounded."

Wally: OK. (opens it) Wow!

Wally: Are they, 

Norville: "Yes!"

Wally: Really?

Norville: "Yes!"

Wally: Tounie... Well, Tounie is the word? Yeah! It is! (casts) The package?

Norville: "Mm-hm."

Wally: Tounie! (casts)

Norville: "Wow!"

Wally: It's just like skiing!"

Yetti: Roar!

Norville and Wally: Agh! 

Wally: Norville! A big yetti is following us!

Yetti: Roar. Roar. Roar. I will kill you.

Norville: "Why is he going to kill us?"

Yetti: With all the oil.


Wally: This is a disaster! Disgusting oil touches the snow!

Norville: "Yuck!"

Wally: ....Treat! Wait, treat? Does the work? Yep, it is!

Norville: "Yes!"

Wally: Yeah! (casts) Treat! (casts) Wait..... Is that a treat? 

Norville: "Yep. You said that."

Wally: OK. Treat! (casts) 

Norville and Wally: 🎵 We got to win the race spun of the run, good job! good game! tuns of tuns! We are going to win! No matter! It is going to-begin! If not is the thing go, you always have to mear the troll! Everbody! You always have to near the troll! If you was drink juice, Everyone is was watching! It was a capping bluese. I'm on the loose! Cause I am on the go, Everybody! Cheer! We all know! We are going to win! No matter! It is going to-begin! If not is the thing go, you always have to mear the troll! Everybody! You always have to mear the troll! 🎵


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