The Forest Ballet Contest is a contest that made its first appearance in "The Ballet Crown".

Forest Ballet Contest
Vital statistics
Type Contest
Level 19
Location Creatures Forest
Inhabitants Ms. Raina TV. Reporter


The contest is light blue with a big wooden door to the inside of the show. There is also a golden fountain with a statue of a sprite acting like a ballerina and doing second arabesque.


The inside of the contest has a big stage with red curtains. There are also seats for people to watch the person dance on stage.


"The Ballet Crown"

The contest' first appearance is "The Ballet Crown", where Libby is known that she got the sprite flu and is replaced by Norville and Bobgoblin instead. There are other sprites waiting for Libby to arrive at the Forest Ballet Contest but is known that they weren't Libby but were Norville and Bobgoblin. They told the sprites that Libby is gone sick with the sprite flu and was resting at home. The audience is waiting for Libby and the two got out of the curtains, and both Norville and Bobgoblin started doing ballet moves.

Later, after the dance moves, the judges have Bobgoblin and Norville that they were the best ballerinas ever, and rewarded them the Ballet Crown. Which leads Libby to let them both keep the crown.


  • "The Ballet Crown" is the only episode the Forest Ballet Contest appears instead of several episodes.