Written by Dustin Ferrer
Directed by Brian Hatfield
Beth Sleven
Storyboard by Brian Hatfield
Rossen Varbanov
Executive Producer Adam Peltzman
Producer Koyalee Chanda
Supervising Producers Dave Palmer
Martin Leeper
Art Directors Jeff Tucker
Jennifer Taylor
Line Producers Sara Kamen
Blanca Uribe
Associate Producers Ian Murray
Lacey Stanton
Production Manager Jennifer Gay
Head Writer Adam Peltzman
Story Editor Scott Gray
Director of Research and Curriculum Laura G. Brown, Ph.D.
Storyboard Revisionists Ryan Stapleton
Stevan Wahl
Animatic Editors Edward C. Schimara
Thomas Langston Wally
Dan Bittner Norville / Jar of Jam
Aria Capria Bobgoblin
Taliyah Whitaker Gina Giant
Jorge Vega Ogre Doug
Emily Bauer Night Dragon / Jar of Jam
Oliver Wyman Baby Dragon / Jar of Jam
Voice Directors Alden Ford
Vocal Directors Evan Lurie
Casting Michelle Levitt, CSA
Danielle Pretsfelder, CSA
Script Coordinator Jim Nolan
Production Coordinators Emily Asaro
Amy Pijanowski
Marci Salk
Carly Silverman
Asset Production Coordinator Dustin Perkins
Production Assistants Andrew Blanchette
Eve Crusto
Scott Morrison
Andy Pace
Patricia Pham
Laurie Rabin
Executive Assistant Rory Patterson
Literary Consultant Donald Richgels, Ph.D.
Research Coordinator Hannah Cope
Research Assistants Dayna Gonzalez
Michael Scanlon
Research Assistants Rachel Graham
Laurie Rabin
Emily Smith
Concept / Visual Development Artists Jeff Tucker
Jennifer Taylor
Character Designers Jeff Tucker
Jennifer Taylor
Background Designers Chad Woods
Michal Wright-Ward
Background Painters Chris Duncan
Craig Elliott
Kelly Gollogly
George Taylor
Asset Technical Directors Pooneh Nasrollahnia
VFX Technical Directors Candice Stephenson
Pragya Tomar
Lead Environment Artist Alexander Rial
Jimmy Robles
CG Generalists Bobby Clayton
Tim Hogan
Digital Animator Tyler Kakac
Mark Villagracia
Animation Supervisor Laura Barbera
Assistant CG Animation Supervisors Scott Holmes
James Parris
Comp Supervisor Arthur Sarkisian
Animation Production Services Technicolor India, Bangalore, India
Technicolor India Head of Production Cyrus Mistry
Technicolor India Creative Director Owen Hurley
Technicolor India Supervising Producer Prabhakar S
Technicolor India Producer Sivaraman S T
Technicolor India Production Manager Rajesh Kumar.G.R.
Technicolor India Animation Supervisor M.R.Anu Kumar
Technicolor India Lighting and Compositing Lead Hari Prakesh S
"Say the Word" Theme Song Music by Paul Buckley
Lyrics by Paul Buckley & Adam Peltzman
"Wally, Wally, Wally" Closing Song Music by Andrew Barkan & Polly Hall
Lyrics by Andrew Barkan, Polly Hall, Dave Palmer & Adam Peltzman
"Dragon Champion" Music by Andrew Barkan & Polly Hall
Lyrics by Adam Peltzman
"Dragon National Anthem" Music by Andrew Barkan & Polly Hall
Lyrics by Scott Gray
"Jars of Jam" Music by Douglas Wieselman
Lyrics by Adam Peltzman
Underscore by Paul Buckley
Supervising Picture Editor Otto Ferrene
Post Production Supervisor Noeli Rosas
Post Production Coordinator Nora Lewis-Borbely
Audio by Rhumba Recorders
Sound Production Supervisor Al Houghton
Sound Supervisor & Music Editor Keith Rigling
Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer Nathaniel Reichman
Recording Engineers Stephen Schappler
Chris Camilleri
Recorded at Dubway Studios, NYC
Post Production Services Level 3 Post
Telecine Colorist Randy Beveridge
For Nickelodeon Animation Studio
Creative Director of CG Department Russell Tracy, Jr.
Asset Supervisor Joe Alessandra
VFX Supervisor Matt Cawood
Animation Supervisor Dennis Shelby
Digital Animation Supervisor Kenneth Janeski
Production Manager Laura Sreebny
VFX Technical Director Andrea Losch
Asset Technical Director Waleed Boghosian
Lead CG Animator Arut Tantasirin
Digital Animators Mark Renaud
Andrea Yomtob
Lighting & Compositing Artist Bekah Biak
CG Animators Pablo Smith
Character Modeler Rex Sheen
Pipeline Development Supervisor Alexander G. Morano
Pipeline Engineer Joshua M. Miller
Pipeline Technical Director Christopher Bennett
Director of Digital Operations Eric Swanborg
Digital Operations Engineers Kimberly Madore
Jared Kuvent
Manager of Post Production Oliver Pearce
Senior Post Production Coordinator Amy Wu Casler
Machine Room Operators C.J. Kinyon
Gregory Mitchell
Archival Department Kimberly K. Bowman
Ryan McFadden
Kevin Iwaki
Chris Pianka
Special Thanks to Doug Cohn
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Russell Hicks
Elly Kramer
Rebecca Kukkonen
Lee Ann Larsen
Kay Wilson Stallings
David Steinberg
Teri Weiss
Manager, Production and Development Vanessa Taylor Sands
Vice President of CG Production Dean Hoff
Executive in Charge of Production Jason Caparaz
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