Night Dragon (as listed in credits, voiced by Emily Bauer) is a female night dragon featured in dragon games and Day in the dark. She is one of Norville's best friends. She also appears in the episode "The Dragon Games". She is also afraid of the light in the episode" dayin the dark"

The Night Dragon is pink skinned, her skin glows with pink light when she goes into the dark, she has two horns on her head just like Norville and Baby Snow Dragon, she has hot pink wings, and her eyes are purple.

Best Friends


  • Norville and the Snow Dragon likes her, but she didn't seem to notice.
  • The Night Dragon first appeared in "Day in the Dark", which she found Norville's toy on the ground and decided to play with it, which she play his toy in the cave.
  • Second, she appears in the episode "The Dragon Games", which she was joined with Norville, Snow Dragon, and Bobgoblin (in a dragon disguise so the dragons won't know him) at the Dragon Games.




cheerful, scared of the light (formely), kind, sweet, helpful, caring, sharing,


Norville and Night Dragon, sharing things, playing, singing, being sweet and cute


the light (formely) being scared if someone surprised or scared her,


Goblin Forest