• I noticed on Bobgoblin's official page that you added that his full name is Robert Trouble Goblin III according to the pilot. Where did you get this proof from? I want a cite for the show's official Wikipedia page.

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    • A press-related Viacom account based in Australia posted quite a few modern Nick Jr. pilots, such as Blaze & the Monster Machines, Wallykazam!, etc, on Vimeo. The pilot, "Monty's Magic Words," which was later reworked into the episode "How to Bathe Your Dragon", was one of its uploads.

      During the episode, when Monty (Wally) calls Bobgoblin out for causing too trouble, Bobgoblin then replies that his middle name is "Trouble," as well as stating his full name entirely afterwards.

      Unfortunately, the channel has been removed.

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    • Can you remember the quote Bob said?

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    • It's slightly a blur, but, from what I can remember, it's something along the lines of:

      Bobgoblin: My middle name is Trouble... *pauses contently* Robert Trouble Goblin III. *lifts three fingers "the Third"*

      With the obscurity of the channel, there's not much I can help with but to only recall major scenes.

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    • I always wondered about this. Hopefully someone has a copy saved and can upload it to youtube so we could host it here.

      I have to wonder about canonicity though. We arent arguing Wally is named Monty after all.

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