Wallykazam's New Adventures is an upcoming series going to be released on 31 July, 2017, based on the original series of the same name. In India, it was released on 14 September, 2017 on TreehouseTV.

Season 1

Episode Name Episode Description Who is focused on an episode Released Date
The Missing Slumber Party Invitation The Night Dragon and Baby Snow Dragon got some invitations to Norville's dragon slumber party, except Hortis. So Wally Trollman, Norville, Bobgoblin and Ogre Doug must find the lost slumber party invitation before Norville's slumber party starts. Bobgoblin and Hortis 1 August, 2017
Libby the Unwinged Sprite It's the day until the sprite-flying contest, but Wally accidentally makes Libby's wings disappeared, so Libby, Wally, Norville and Bobgoblin must find a rainbow toadstool, sunny crystals and a purple flower for the cure so Libby can get her wings back. Libby 12 August, 2017
Norville to the Rescue Wally, Ogre Doug, Bobgoblin and Libby got flown away in a hot air balloon, and only Norville can rescue them before they fell into the Ebro River. Norville 19 August, 2017
A Friend for Zack Friendship Day is around the corner, but Zack doesn't have a best friend to hang out with. So Wally, Norville and Bobgoblin needed to find a gnome friend for him. Zack the Garden Gnome 21 August, 2017
The Dragon Rescue Norville, Night Dragon, Baby Snow Dragon and Hortis got trapped in a bubble and are flown away to Queensland, Australia. And only Wally, Bobgoblin and Ogre Doug can rescue them before the dragon show. Norville, Night Dragon, Baby Snow Dragon and Hortis 23 August, 2017
Quest to the Eiffel Tower It's Norville's birthday, but Wally, Bobgoblin and Ogre Doug are trapped in the Eiffel Tower in France, trying to find a birthday gift for him. And only he and Libby can get to France to rescue their friends. Norville 25 August, 2017
Going to the Vet After Norville hurt his leg, Wally, Bobgoblin and Libby tried every method to have Norville go to the vet. But later, he became brave and gets a cast on his leg at the vet. Norville 31 August, 2017
Libby and the Enchanted Tiaras Wally, Bobgoblin, Norville and Ogre Doug got rowed away in their boat at the Nile River, hanging for a waterfall, so Libby and the Enchanted Tiaras are the only ones can rescue their best friends. Libby 14 September, 2017

Season 2


Season 3