There are some rules to this wiki. If you fail to follow the rules you could be blocked. Please Do not edit this page

You must be at least 13 years old to edit this wiki. We have had some users under this age before.

Never create a page with fake episodes

NO Spamming. (e.g.Placing "Character" on a category on a page)

We like pictures & videos but only if they are Wallykazam! Related.

No swearing on this wikia (e.g. Writing Down the "F word"

No mention of relationships unless it is on a user page. If you want to see fanon, go create your own wiki and call it Wallykazam! Fanon Wiki.

Don't say that the characters in this nick jr programme are fictonal. Kids also visit this wiki & stuff like this could put them into tears.

No mention of creepypasta or a character Diying. If you want to see creepypasta, do it on your user page or go create Wallykazam! creepypasta wiki.

Talk that is obcene is not allowed (e.g. Saying a character sucks)


Commenting has the same rules.